News » Waikato ACC claimants – A New Era in Dispute Resolution

ACC is to implement an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) pilot at its Hamilton Branch. ACC will offer mediation to claimants as a way of resolving disputes about their rehabilitation plans and most other issues.

Do not attend Mediation cold. Seek assistance from independent, experienced representatives.

Access Support Services fully supports this initiative. We believe an insurance policy that has mediation or facilitated meetings as a way of resolving issues is an important component to delivering a fair and efficient scheme. While Tribunal hearings such as reviews and appeals will always have a place in settling issues concerning cover and entitlements, it is not the best forum for mending a dysfunctional relationship between the case manager and claimant. This is especially so when it comes to planning rehabilitation.

However, Access Support Services believes claimants will be disadvantaged if they attend mediation or facilitated meetings without representation. Claimants should have support from representatives who specialise in ACC matters. This will significantly increase their chance of a better outcome.

At Mediation, as at Review, you are much better off assisted/represented by someone already experienced in and successful at these processes.

Access Support Services is proud to announce that experienced independent advocates will be available to ACC claimants usually at no end cost to the claimant. The service will be available in the Waikato area from February 2006.

It is always free to seek initial advice from Access Support Services.

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