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Press Release – 19 April 2010:

The Sunday Star Times has reported on a case concerning the actions of ACC staff and our clients since 2006, including what appears to be emails between staff making denigrating comments about our client – see story here. We are unable to comment on this particular case at present because the matter is the subject of further investigation, which may involve the Police.

What we can comment on is the Sensitive Claims Unit, which seems to be struggling to cope with the new ‘Clinical Pathways’, a process of reassessing claimants for eligibility to ongoing cover and entitlements. This process is straining the relationship between staff and claimants and grossly delaying processing claims. Those people with sensitive claims are particularly vulnerable to a stressful process of re-telling their history and trying to justify their claim with ACC.

One of the problems is the inflexible way ACC arranges assessments by not providing the claimant with a choice of assessor. ACC has to treat claimants as human beings, not cases, and so we recommend that anyone with such an experience and feel their rights are being breached should make a formal complaint to ACC.

We also recommend any Sensitive Claims clients unhappy with any recent decisions to file an application for review of that decision. Statistically the chances of success, overturning the decision, are very good given both the errors we are seeing on an ongoing basis and the results we here at Access Support Services are gaining at Review.


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