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Press Release – 5 March 2009:   Talk about ACC and peoples eyes glaze over. But the problems with the ACC scheme have been around for a while. Access Support Services, a privately-run advocacy organisation, has issued numerous press releases about these problems and brought these to the attention of both ACC and the Government. “Yes, the ACC scheme requires change,” says David Wadsworth, Principal of Access Support Services. “But politicians haven’t been listening or don’t seem to understand.”

Access Support Services considers two of the main problems are the levies are being set too low, and, poor delivery of the rehabilitation services. Get it wrong and the financial and social costs are large. The loss in the investment portfolio is a separate matter.

The National-led Government has already signalled it is considering opening up ACC’s ‘Work Account’ to competition. “Our experience is the private insurers involved in the current “Private Partnership” scheme are far worse at delivering rehabilitation services to injured workers than even the ACC”, says Mr Wadsworth.

Providing comprehensive rehabilitation services in a smart, efficient and effective way, as intended by the ACC legislation, would reduce the cost of injuries to both society and levy payers, not to mention the injured person and their family. “That’s why I set up Access Support Services” says Mr Wadsworth. “The quality control is just not there, so we provide it on behalf of our clients by ensuring ACC and private insurers follow the requirements of the legislation.”

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