What our clients say

“After suffering a TBI in early 2008 I was put on weekly compensation through ACC and this continued until I was put through the exit program and was taken off weekly compensation in May 2011. Through a friend I was advised to contact David Wadsworth of Access Support Services. David after assessing my case immediately filed for a review which took place In September. Although we lost at the review stage, David was confident we could get this decision overturned by the District Court. The result then was that ACC suggested an out of court settlement which included the re-instatement of my weekly compensation right back to the date of cessation. This was a wonderful result and could only have been achieved by the determination and professionalisim of David Wadsworth. I found David easy to communicate to, someone who is passionate about the work he does and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others who are having similar problems.” – M.F. (Canterbury)

“I chose David to represent me at review for my head injury case after being impressed by his measured and thoughtful statements to the media regarding ACC. I found the review process emotionally draining, even though I was not required to be present. When we were not successful at review David suggested we appeal, I agreed provided I could be as distanced as possible from the proceedings. David respected my request and quietly went about the appeal process, 18 months after my entitlements were withdrawn the appellate court has ordered they be reinstated. I am profoundly grateful to David for his legal expertise, his calm manner and his commitment to my case, he will always be the only person I will recommend to other ACC claimants facing review.” – P.S. (Auckland)

“My initial claim for repair of injury to right shoulder early 2010 was declined. An ACC form had ben completed at the time of injury (2005) and accepted. I received physio at that stage. On involving Tony’s advocacy services he was able to quickly gather all data. He saw the gaps and he knew how to fill them i.e. he recommended more MRI scan as more definitive diagnostic aid in this situation (MRI had not been done) and he guided me through arranging this. Meanwhile, Tony arranged an appeal date. ACC was advised of MRI results which confirmed multiple joint injuries, my claim was reviewed and accepted instantly. Shoulder repair took place Dec 2010. I returned to full time work one month later, continuing physio for two months – all under ACC. Tony was very professional, he knew the process and kept me well-informed throughout. I am grateful for this.” – S.E. (Auckland)

“My claim for shoulder surgery had been turned down on the strength of one of ACC’s (now infamous) feeble CAP opinions. I thought I could handle it myself until I saw the NZ Herald series of articles “The ACC Files” appear. I saw references to ACCESS SUPPORT in the Herald articles and after a quick check on the internet made contact with Tony Gibbons. It was the best decision I could have made. Tony turned out to be exactly the man I was looking for. He knew ACC’s processes, he knew the people and he knew what lay ahead. He was quick to spot the flaws in the positions taken by ACC and DRSL. Unfortunately we had an appalling decision from the Reviewer but thankfully Tony knew the ropes as far as securing additional information and initiating Court action resulting in ACC conceding the case. Many thanks Tony for securing a successful outcome for a very modest fee.” – J. A. (Auckland)

“I became a victim of the bureaucracy afflicting both ACC and WorkAon. The review process was not only very stressful to deal with in my painful injured condition, but also very, very long wait facing financial difficulties and an uncertain future career. My injury was 8 months back in 2010. So, when I had got help from Mr. Tony Gibbons, I was mentally and physically exhausted to deal with ACC and WorkAon. I cannot thank Tony enough for settling my claim within 6 weeks! I am now able to have the urgent surgery I need, and the all my entitlements will start immediately. Tony’s quick and thoughtful analysis helped me to restore my confidence in my claim. His expertise and wealth of experience revealed the ACC and WorkAon’s system failures. Tony cleared up confusion in both, and brought me a victory. I encourage everyone to seek help from Tony at Access Support Service” – Y.W. Auckland

“Thanks very much to David Wadsworth for helping to get ACC to approve my knee surgery, he was very efficient and took care of absolutely everything. I would not have been able to achieve this without him as ACC were adamant that they would not cover it even though my first surgery for the same injury was covered. I fully recommend David to anyone who is looking for an advocate.” – M.G. (Hawke’s Bay)

“What a wonderful surprise to come back from a short break to find a letter from the Dispute Resolutions Services with a decision that the ACC should pay for y shoulder surgery! Thank you so much for your help in achieving this result. The slow wheels of progress have now accelerated so much that my surgery is scheduled for the 21st of this month so it’s not long now.” – J (Dunedin)

“Thank you so much for your expert help – it is a huge relief for us financially, and also emotionally – that the right thing has been done. The service you offer is very important, as so many people must feel like we did – powerless and voiceless against a big organisation. Thanks again…” – C&H. (Auckland)

“After battling with ACC for years Tony Gibbons from Access Support was recommended to us by a friend. What a God send that turned out to be. We are just ordinary folk without the knowledge or expertise to deal with ACC’s so called independent assessors or case managers, we left it in Tony’s capable hands and he did an amazing job in sorting the matter for us at a very reasonable cost .He certainly knows his onions! I cannot sing his praises highly enough and have been recommending his services to others who are having ACC battles. Thank you once again Tony for all your efforts and hard work.” – B&B (Tasman)

“If you don’t know the rules and don’t have lots of experience in using the process with ACC, then use Tony from Access Support Services – he knows the rules, the process and has all the experience and a successful track record of achieving a just result. In my case he was able to have ACC focus on the true facts and then reach the correct, and favourable, conclusion.” – A.H. (Wellington)

“Following an accident as a District Nurse at my place of work, ACC initially covered the back injury and subsequent operation that occurred. When ACC decided that my time with them was ‘spent’, following dispute and for mediation I enlisted the professional services of David Wadsworth. David was very professional and his manner before and during mediation put me at ease. I found him very approachable and easy to understand – unlike some lawyers! I got the impression that he is quite passionate about his work. I would have no hesitation in using his services again or in recommending him.” – S.O. (West Coast)

“This is to verify that David Wadsworth advocated for us during our recent calamity over the ACC system. His expertise and knowledge of how the system works enabled us to proceed to the review stage and win the claim. Regarding how the ACC responds are carried out is enough for any claimant to just give in and accept what they send out. The whole system is very un-user friendly and degrading. We can’t thank Mr Wadsworth enough for his support, advice and encouragement throughout the whole period. We thoroughly recommend his service to any clients needing help with the ACC system. ” – B.H. (Tasman)

“This is just a quick note to thank you for all the hard work that you put in, on my behalf, with regards to my ACC claim. I am quite certain that the positive result achieved in the review process would not have been so, were it not for the commitment and experience you put in. Again, many thanks, ” – S.C. (Tasman)

“In December 2006, I fell off my mountain bike and injured my left shoulder (rotator cuff tear). ACC paid for a substantial amount of treatment, but when I required further physiotherapy to correct the movement dysfunction of my shoulder (in April 2008), ACC pulled the pin and said this problem was now due to an age related degenerative condition. My orthopaedic surgeon, chiropractor and 3 physiotherapists all agreed that my condition was as a result of my accident. I had mediation with ACC and nothing changed. I then found Access Support after searching on the internet. Tony Gibbons read through all the medical reports and agreed to represent me at the Review hearing. The Disputes Resolution Service is claimed to be an independent body – I have my doubts. Tony was excellent at extracting the facts and putting the case forward. Unfortunately, the ‘independent’ review process went in the favour of ACC. Five medical practitioners, who had all examined me, agreed that my condition was as a result of my accident – ACC said it was not – 5 to 1 – go figure!!

Unperturbed by this little set back, David Wadsworth sent me an email to say that they would take it to court …. And guess what …. we won. These guys are absolutely awesome. I could not have battled ACC on my own. They know how the system works and what people are entitled to. They are both very nice men to deal with, and are keen to ensure that people aren’t shafted by ACC. If you have a problem with ACC, give these guys a call and they will point you in the right direction.”

– M.W. (Taranaki)

“I injured my shoulder in late 2007 and had been referred from doctor to physio to specialist and in April 2009 my specialist decided to apply for elective surgery for a torn tendon. To my surprise ACC turned down the surgery dated June 2009 because they called it ” a gradual process” I was devastated. I had decided that I had enough of ACC and searched the internet and found Access Support Services in Motueka. I read the Testimonials and I was impressed, it gave me a ray of hope that David Wadsworth was willing to give ACC a real go no matter what the cost, I new I had a case.I made contact with David , sent all my details regarding my case to him and within a couple of weeks he said ACC have a case to answer to. I applied for another review and with great satisfaction it went in my favour, including entitlements, thank you David Wadsworth you have brought a smile back to my face. I would advise anyone who is having problems with ACC to contact him as soon as possible. ” – Michael (Auckland)

“My wife and I decided to challenge ACC on their ruling of our circumstances and engaged the services of David Wadsworth after first discussing the merits and weaknesses of our case. From our first meeting/discussion, we were impressed with Mr Wadsworth’s knowledge of ACC mechanisms, the rights of the individual and the legal aspects of the case before him. He has been honest and professional and helped us understand the best way to proceed with our case and gave sober judgement on the likelihood and unlikelhood of ACC’s ruling being overturned. He has acted in every way to be our ‘advocate’ and we are very grateful for his services. Even if our case had not been successful, we would have been 100% satisfied with Mr Wadsworth’s assistance.” – S.C (Auckland)

“Two years ago I contacted David Wadsworth after being on ACC for 4 years. I was at the lowest and most desperate time of my life when I was given Davids number. I could no longer deal with ACC on my own. David immediately took over and dealt with ACC taking the awful stress I was under away, he saved my life. I then received the help and entitlements I should have got years earlier. I did not know the law which David has taught me all I knew was you are declined. If you are having any problems with ACC I urge you to contact David as he is so helpful and gives you honest advice. My family and I will never be able to thank him enough he is truly an amazing man.” – Diane (Auckland)

“Without the engagement of David Wadsworth there would have not been a successful appeal outcome for me! His great knowledge of the law, and how he applied it to my difficult case, made all the difference in the end. I would recommend his services to anyone with no hesitation at all.” – M.G. (Nelson)

“After battling with ACC on my own and not getting anywhere. I searched the Internet for help and came across Tony Gibbons of Access Support Services. My research had shown that they had a good reputation and I found this to be the case in my dealings with Tony. Throughout my conversations with Tony I found him to be very honest and personable. I would fully recommend Access Support Services for anyone having issues and would like to thank Tony for all his help.” – B.C. (Auckland)

“I was pleased to have Tony Gibbons with me at a ACC Mediation I had recently. Tony certainly made me feel very comfortable in a situation I have found myself in at present. Although my case is still ongoing I would certainly recommend Tony to anyone that requires help with ACC.” – K.K (Wellington)

“It is with pleasure that I write this note of thanks and recommendation to Access Support for the successful outcome of my ACC claim. Had I not had the support and professionalism from Tony, I have no doubt that my claim would have taken many more months to resolve with a far less satisfactory outcome. I fully recommend using services provided by Access Support and express my utmost thanks to Tony Gibbons and the team.” – J. E. (Waikato)

“After battling ACC on my own for three months and getting nowhere, just more and more frustrated by the system! I made a decision to use the services of ACC advocate David Wadsworth. I found David to be very knowledgeable on all ACC matters and totally committed and focused on getting a successful outcome for his clients, I was particularly impressed with his no-nonsense straightforward approach, which enabled a logical action plan to be formulated that resulted in a successful outcome. I would have no hesitation in engaging David’s services again should the need arise, or in recommending him to anyone as a top notch ACC advocate for all ACC matters.” – J. R. (Bay of Plenty)

“David is a nice guy, reasonable charges, keeps client informed of the general background to and the issues involved with your case” – B. E. (Tasman)

“Had it not been for a very good friend of mine, I would not have known anything about the work that David does for ACC claimants. After speaking with him I sent him my files. He agreed that ACC had a case to answer after lengthy procedures the long awaited outcome was forthcoming. David is very passionate about his work. He treats people as people and not a number and goes the extra mile. If I need any advice he’s always there. I regard his knowledge as first class and would advise any one who is having hassles with ACC to contact him straight away.” – S. C. (Auckland)

“I have the utmost respect and gratitude for David,(Access Support Services, Motueka) as he picked up my case that had been bouncing around for a couple of years, wasn’t really going anywhere it was messy with a lot of lose ends, David patiently picked through it, kept excellent communication with me, calmly put up with my outbursts, ( Bless him) got the ball rolling and WON my case, and is still in contact to ensure all is going well. Thank you.” – F. O. (Manawatu)

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