ACC Reviews

Reviewing an ACC decision

You have the right to dispute any decision ACC makes on cover and entitlements including:

All decisions attract rights of review where an independent reviewer will conduct a hearing to hear arguments from both sides then decide if ACC’s decision is correct or not based the evidence and legislation.

The issues surrounding ACC decisions can be complex. We will help you to understand your case, how the legislation and case law applies and help you to gain what is required to modify or overturn that decision.

What we do

Once we have discussed the merits of your case and the decision to be reviewed, we will:

Tony and David are experienced advocates and handle reviews throughout New Zealand. Distance is not a barrier. However, it is helpful if you have access to email or a landline. You are welcome to contact us either by phone or email to discuss ACC’s decision and the merits of lodging a review application.

ACC will sometimes offer mediation as a way to resolve an issue. We are strongly in favour of the mediation process and, as at Review, would advise attending with well-experienced representation.

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