Rehabilitation Plans

Your Individual Rehabilitation Plan (‘My Plan’, IRP)

Injured and off work? Not getting the rehabilitation you need?

ACC is required to help you to keep your job or gain a new one (vocational rehabilitation).

Injured and needing help to restore your home and social life?

ACC is required to help you to do so to the maximum extent practicable (social rehabilitation).

These requirements are met by ACC via your Individual Rehabilitation Plan (also called the ‘IRP’ and ‘My Plan’). It is sometimes termed ‘the most important document on your ACC file’.

You, the injured person, are required to participate in drawing up and actioning that plan. (If the plan is lacking you may not enjoy or benefit from that participation – you may also miss out on what is properly yours and which others are getting.)

Your rehabilitation plan is properly drawn up in negotiation between you and your case manager who then asks you to agree to that negotiated plan.

Did you negotiate your plan or simply sign it?

Many, perhaps most, injured people simply sign the plan as put before them by their case manager. Once signed it is a binding and limiting document.

The IRP can be a really good plan, useful to you and your family – is yours?

If your plan both identifies all your injury related needs – social and vocational – and lists how to best meet those needs then you have a good plan.

If your plan has little on it that is useful to you – whether in retraining and/or getting you back into work – and does not seem to be a plan to restore your home and non-work life to the maximum extent possible – then you do not have a good plan.

Access Support Services agrees that your IRP (or ‘My Plan’) is one of the most important documents on your ACC file. You need a sound plan.


To help we need you to:

  1. Consider what is on, or missing from, your plan that you do not like or agree to.
  2. Then you need to consider, to identify and list, what you see as being helpful rehabilitation – both social and vocational – and which should be on that plan.
  3. Contact us (link) with your current (signed) Individual Rehabilitation Plan on hand.

Access Support Services can help!

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