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Access Support Services has come across claimants who have never been told by ACC about their entitlements as potential earners. A potential earner is someone who suffers an accident while a student and under 18 years of age, or has been in continuous study after the age of 18 and is unable to work because of the injuries. A potential earner who has an incapacity to work is eligible for weekly compensation and vocational rehabilitation.

A staff member recently rang ACC seeking advice about a boy who suffered an accident while still at school asking if he is entitled to weekly compensation if he cannot work, due to his injury, upon leaving school. The ACC representative considered he would not be eligible to weekly compensation and to see Work and Income about a benefit. This information is clearly incorrect.

We wonder how many potential earners are missing out on weekly compensation and vocational rehabilitation because ACC did not advise them, or their guardians, of these entitlements or the information ACC provided was incorrect?

If this is you and you are missing out on weekly compensation and/or vocational rehabilitation Access Support Services would like to hear from you at

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