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Notice to Clients – 28 February 2012:

On Feb 18 my elderly mother had a significant stroke resulting in my time naturally being spent on family matters. Going forward my wife, Linda and I (and supported by whanua) will be taking responsibility for ensuring my mother can return home but not have to deal with her own life-long commitment to another family member.

What this means for my work as an advocate
I am pleased to say I will continue working as an advocate, albeit on a part-time basis. However, for the past 10 years I have been very free with my time in dealing with claimants’ issues and providing free advice on ACC matters unrelated to reviewing decisions about a claim (a formal dispute process). This time will now be spent on family and I will be strictly adhering to a policy of “time is money.” The reason for this is that I still need to maintain a reasonable level of income and simply cannot afford to continue to in this manner. Therefore, apart from an initial enquiry, my time will be charged for although the charging structure for reviews remains the same.

If you require free advice or cannot pay for me to advocate on your behalf on an hourly basis then you will need to seek this type of service elsewhere – eg Brain Injury Association, Community Law etc. ACC fund this service, currently provided by Linkage Trust – more info here:

What this means for Access Support Services

Tony (my associate) and I will still continue to drive ACC issues from time to time in that hope to benefits ACC claimants and the community. However, Tony also realises not viable to continue to spend large amount of time dealing with non-paying work.
Access Support Services has, for all intent and purposes, been providing a community service on a self-funding basis for ten years. It is now time for it to operate in a more business like manner. In the coming months there will be changes made to our website to reflect this new policy.

What this means for my existing clients

I am committed to handling my current clients case i.e. reviews. Unfortunately I expect there will be some disruption as I transition into the new premises and balance my time between work and family. I ask that you be patient but contact me if you feel that I am not advancing your case. My client have been 100% supportive but it is important that you put yourself first in terms of achieving the best outcome, whether it means a gentle reminder something needs to be done or, ultimately, if you would prefer some else handles your case. As an advocate, I work in your best interests, not mine.

My new office hours will be 9 am to 1 pm, although I will operating on a flexible basis i.e. the work hours will vary to enable me to attend review hearings etc scheduled outside this time.

03 548 6962 or 09 281 4558

PO Box 9058, Nelson