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ACC may not be adequately informing you about your right to have a representative involved when preparing your Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP). While ACC does inform claimants about the right to have a support person attend meetings this is poles apart from representation. A support person, a friend or family member, even a well-meaning community support person, can provide much needed moral support. But, the IRP is possibly the most important document on file and the cornerstone of your relationship with ACC.

It is not appropriate to have an inexperienced person involved in planning your rehabilitation.

We advise claimants to engage representation experienced in ACC matters in general and Rehabilitation Plans in particular to be involved in preparing your rehabilitation plan. Access Support Services’ have that knowledge and experience. We are also independent, not funded by ACC.

Please note that the ACC Help Desk and, it looks like, those other organisations funded by ACC, give their advice according to ACC policy not the legislation, in other words, starting from the ACC line, effectively supporting ACC before they even start to represent you.

It is always free to seek initial advice from Access Support Services. Much of our subsequent work may also be at no end cost to the claimant.

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