News » ACC should continue funding of sexual abuse help-line

Press Release – 27 May 2009:   It has been reported ACC intends discontinuing its funding for the Auckland sexual abuse help-line. The reason ACC has given is that it is outside its legislative responsibility.

Access Support Services considers ACC has a clear responsibility to fund such initiatives. One of the expressed purposes of the Injury Prevention, Rehabilitation, and Compensation Act 2001 is “establishing as a primary function of the Corporation the promotion of measures to reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury” (ref: Section 3 of the IPRCA 2001).

Personal injury caused by sexual abuse are some of the most complex and difficult treat injury claims Access Support Services deals with and usually comes at a significant cost to ACC by way of administration and providing entitlements, such as lump sum compensation, treatment and weekly compensation. “ACC should be doing more in this area, not less,” says Mr Wadsworth, Principal of Access Support Services.

“It is extremely disappointing the people at ACC’s Corporate Head Office cannot see the woods for the trees,” Mr Wadsworth said. “I will be looking into this matter further. In the meantime, we call upon Dr Smith and the ACC Board to take the necessary action to ensure ACC is meeting its responsibilities under the legislation.”

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