News » ACC Review Fails to Identify Systemic Failures

Press Release – 3 April 2008:   The ACC has commissioned PricewaterhouseCooper to conduct a review of the ACC Scheme. On Monday ACC released the report.

“The PricewaterhouseCooper report fails to identify the systemic failures within the ACC Scheme” said Mr David Wadsworth, Principal of Access Support Services.

Mr Wadsworth has been a strong advocate of ACC complying with it obligations under the ACC legislation and has a record of overturning more than 75% of the ACC cases he has handled on behalf of claimants over the last 6 years.

“Too often ACC has failed to involve the claimant’s treating medical practitioners or even the claimant themselves when planning rehabilitation. This can result in the claimant missing out on comprehensive rehabilitation, which can have devastating consequences” said Mr Wadsworth.

The PricewaterhouseCoopers report does point out the ACC Scheme is relatively cheap compared to similar schemes, although ACC has already signaled levy increases in the future. The report appears to be justifying ACC’s monopoly of the personal injury insurance market unless the Government introduces new regulations.

“Regardless of the ACC Scheme’s future structure, it is the claimant’s ability to access their rightful entitlements that is the main concern for Access Support Services” Mr Wadsworth said. “Just about every New Zealander knows someone who has had problems dealing with ACC and this recent report doesn’t reflect that.”

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