News » ACC looking to revoke historic Sexual Abuse claims

Press Release – 25 January 2010:   Access Support Services understands ACC are looking at stopping all entitlements to claimants who lodged sexual abuse claims under former Acts if the actual abuse occurred prior to the introduction of the ACC scheme in 1974. If this is the case then hundreds, if not thousands, of claimants suffering from a mental illness caused by sexual abuse will be exited from the ACC scheme.

“We already have one client affected by this policy and we understand ACC is currently reviewing other similar claims” said Mr Wadsworth, Head of Access Support Services.

It appears this new strategy to reduce liability is because ACC legislation prior to 1992 did not define the date of injury and ACC look likely to attempt to revoke cover for a significant number of people who have sensitive claims under the previous Acts.

“Access Support Services considers this policy change is wrong in law and its advocates will vigorously challenge any decision ACC makes to revoke cover for this group of claimants” said Mr Wadsworth. “If ACC do implement this new attack on claimants suffering from sexual abuse then, in my opinion, it will have blood on its hands.”

Access Support Services asks the Government intervene and put an end to what could end up being a grievous error in judgement by ACC’s management.

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