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David Wadsworth – Our Founder

David Wadsworth of Access Suport ServicesIn 1989 I sustained a compression fracture to vertebrae in my spine and went onto develop chronic pain, which left me with a significant incapacity for over 10 years. By 1997 my condition had deteriorated to the point where I didn’t feel life was worth living. However, determined not to let my injury win, I took steps to improve my situation. Along the way I have learnt much about dealing with a personal injury, the perception of others and the psychological effects of feeling trapped in such a situation. And that is before having to deal with the ACC!

In 2001 I formed Access Support Services so other claimants can access effective and affordable representation when challenging ACC’s decision. Fortunately for me, I have been able to make a return to fulltime work as an advocate.

Access Support Services has been very successful at achieving the best possible outcome for claimants. I hope you can take advantage of this service so that you too can access your rightful entitlements and lead as normal life as possible.

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Tony Gibbons – Advocate and Support Worker

Tony is experienced and successful at Review Hearings. He understands related beneficiary and employment issues too. An expert on ACC, Tony works to have any dispute settled as soon as possible – “to your best advantage”.

Access Support Services offers effective representation for all ACC and workplace insurance clients. Experienced advocacy is only a phone call away. We can help you access your entitlements – including those you have been declined or perhaps not told of.

Having trouble with the ACC? Not satisfied with the service you are getting from ACC following your accident? Access Support Services can help!

ACC policy and legislation is not always easy to understand. Any ACC matter you seek advice on may be brought to us. We are on your side. Whether it is trouble in gaining cover from your accident, accessing compensation, treatment, rehabilitation, aids, appliances, home help or any other entitlement available under the Act, ask Access Support Services.



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