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New Enquiries via Email and Phone

We encourage those making enquiries to do so via email. If you do not have access to email or need to call us then you may need to leave a voice message – ours is a busy office. We prefer you to leave a landline contact number and a brief message. Otherwise, please email us with the decision you wish to review and we will respond as quickly as we can. All new enquiries to

Reviewing ACC’s decisions

The cost of reviewing a decision varies depending on the factors involved. In many cases however ACC can contribute to the cost of representation at Review (as well as medical and other reports) through an award of costs by the Independent Reviewer making our service very affordable. There will be a modest initial fee for carrying out an analysis of the relevant documentation prior to preparing the case for review and the necessary administration. The person handling your enquiry will discuss our fees with you before you engage their services.

Important: You need to have a written decision with review rights. The decision has to be about your claim i.e. whether or not ACC will provide cover and/or entitlements.

New Claim Management Advocacy Service

More and more claimants want to benefit from our knowledge and experience by providing them with independent advice and advocacy, especially when ACC is preparing or asking agreement to an Individual Rehabilitation Plan (IRP), even when there is no formal decision at dispute.  We are introducing a new service in response to this. Please be aware however that this service incurs a charge for which there are no ‘costs available’.

The first consultation is free following which an hourly rate applies. You may be asked to make a deposit to cover on-going time discussing your case and providing advice and advocacy. This service may be especially useful for those clients who seek comprehensive social and vocational rehabilitation and those who do not feel that they have had all their possible entitlements made available to them. The ACC Act, the legislation, encourages you, the injured person, to take control of your own rehabilitation. We would encourage everybody with a significant injury to do just that. You are the one person who best knows your injury and your needs. You are in the best position to help ACC to help you. Our advocacy can help you get the proper entitlements required by your injury.

For more information on this service, please download the following:

Claim Management Advocacy & Advice Service (PDF Fact Sheet)


Read what our clients say about our advocacy services for ACC claimants. If you would like to discuss how we can help you through the dispute processes, please contact us for a no-obligation FREE consultation.

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